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Subaru injector size chart

Subaru injector size chart

Shop Now. A - DW injectors are designed to fit the OE manifold and fuel rail. The use of aftermarket fuel rails and manifolds may cause some fitment issues. Make sure all injector parts are intact and undamaged. Make sure to lubricate the O-rings with the included super lube. Make sure no OE parts from fuel rail or manifold are missing spacers.

If you changed to aftermarket fuel rails or intake manifolds, it would be prudent to contact our technical support for insight on determining if our injectors will fit your application. A - The size of injector needed depends on many different factors - power, fuel type, fuel pressure, etc. To get an estimation of what size you need, you can use our online fuel injector calculator. A - We recommend a system operating pressure of psi for best performance. Max pressure will be dependent on the specs of the manufacturer.

Bosch EV14 max pressure is 8bar or psi part numbers starting with 16, 17, or We recommend a max pressure of 7bar of psi on Denso injectors part numbers starting with 21 and This particular part number has an elastomer seal which can swell in the presence of MTBE and cause a flow restriction. A - Yes. Anytime you install larger than stock fuel injectors into your car, some sort of tuning flash, piggy-back, stand-alone, etc.

A - DeatschWerks does not modify injector flow rates as a service. Purchasing our high flow injectors is more economical, more convenient, and more reliable than modifying your OE injectors.

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A - The majority of injectors are top feed. Top feed injectors sit under the fuel rail and side feed injectors fit inside the fuel rail.

how to pick injectors

Side feed and top feed injectors cannot be interchanged unless a fuel rail conversion is performed. A - The majority of injectors are high impedance. Low impedance peak and hold injectors have a resistance of between 2 and 4 ohms. High impedance saturated injectors have a resistance of between 10 and 14 ohms. Low impedance and high impedance injectors cannot be used interchangeably without modification of the injector drivers. A - Latency is a measure of the amount of time it takes for an injector to fully open once it receives its signal to fire.

It is usually measured in milliseconds or microseconds and is an important parameter when tuning. Other terms synonymous with latency are dwell, offset, lag, etc. We generally use the term battery offset.

Our General Characterization Summaries include battery offset at various pressures and voltages. These summaries can be found in the Resources section of our website. DW injector flow rates are calculated at 3 bar Although DW injectors are able to operate at pressures in excess of psi, we suggest a system pressure of psi for best performance faster injector response times, optimized spray patterns, and increased reliability of your entire fuel system.

A - Injectors are controlled by the ECU. Many times, the injectors being installed are at least double the size of the stock injector.

Without telling the ECU then injectors being controlled have a different flow rate, the ECU will not be able to properly control the pulsing of the injectors. Many times, the engine will not be able to start with the stock tune driving higher flowing injectors. Your tuner may be able to send a temporary base tune that will allow you to drive the car to them for a proper tune. A - DW injectors are covered by a comprehensive 3-year warranty for the original purchaser.Subaru uses a four or five character code to identify all of their engines.

The EK series was a straight twin two-stroke cycle with early air-cooled versions later replaced with water-cooled configurations in Air Cooled two-stroke. Used in the Subaru — and Sambar — Used in the Subaru R-2 — and Subaru Sambar — Water Cooled Two-stroke cycle. Used in the Subaru R-2 Used in the Subaru Rex K22 from Used in the Subaru Rex Used in the Subaru Rex from Used in the Subaru Rex Supercharger — All of Subaru's four-cylinder engines except the EN series are liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed boxer four-strokes.

The EA was used from until in most models. It is a basic two-valve-per-cylinder design with siamese ports and three main crankshaft bearings. Engines with overhead camshafts were installed with two timing belts, whereas vehicles with overhead valves used timing gears exclusively.

Subaru unveiled the world's first boxer diesel engine to be fitted in a passenger car at the Geneva Auto Show in The EE20 shares a bore pitch dimension and assembly line with the EZ30 at the Ooizumi Factory; compared to the contemporaneous gasoline EJ20, which has a similar displacement, the EE20 is Fuji Heavy Industries FHI spent three years starting in fall developing the EE20 after concluding the marque needed a diesel engine to compete in Europe.

The EE20 was originally released with Euro-4 emissions compliance; an oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter are mounted close to the turbo, using heat from exhaust gases, and the exhaust gas recirculation system is water-cooled to meet regulations.

Per the March announcement at Geneva, the EE20 was sold in Legacy wagon and sedan and Outback vehicles for the European market; the diesel was only offered with a manual transmission at first, and the clutch and flywheel were specifically modified for diesel use. Inciting increasingly stringent emissions standards, the project manager for the Impreza stated that further development of the EE20 had been halted.

The capacity gained would be used to start producing plug-in hybrids in and electric vehicles by The fifth digit is the only way to tell without seeing the engine.

subaru injector size chart

The Phase II engines featured new cylinder heads and crankshafts with the thrust bearing located at crank bearing 5 instead of 3. It is based on the EJ engine and shares many components, like the crankshaft from the EJ The Subaru EN inline-four engine was introduced in to replace the straight-two EK series engine that was originally engineered as an air-cooled engine and then was modified as a water-cooled engine used in the — Subaru RYour question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community.

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime.Selecting the proper fuel injector size is critical for performance along with ease of tuning in a fuel injected engine combination. FuelTech makes the selection easier for all enthusiasts with its Fuel Injector Calculator. It is capable of recommending fuel injector sizing for naturally aspirated and turbo combinations that are run on gasoline, alcohol, or ethanol. The selector allows the user to pick the number of fuel injectors, input estimated horsepower, and the type of induction.

FuelTech also offers the option to determine the maximum horsepower rating of fuel injectors by working backwards, using fuel injector sizing and other parameters. The systems are proven in NHRA championship and record-holding racecars and even in 5,hp twin turbocharged applications. In addition to the fuel injector control, FuelTech engine management systems offer a wide-range of standard options. All Rights Reserved. Injector Drivers Fuel Injectors.

See All. Fuel Injector Calculator. Estimate the required injector size for your engine according to your horsepower. Engine Power HP :. Number of Injectors:.

Motor Type: Naturally Aspirated Turbo. Results Estimated HP. Follow Us. Contact Us Send a Message Stay Connected Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more!The power ratings discussed above are for each injector. This means that you need to multiply this rating by the number of injectors that are to be used. So, if you were using the Impulse RS cc injectors in a 4 cylinder engine with one injector per cylinder the max power that the injectors could deliver fuel for would be about Conversions cc per minute is approximately equal to 49lbs per hour which is equal to approximately hp.

This is the most common type and still the best. A tapered needle sits on a tapered seat. When the solenoid is energized, the core and needle is pulled back, allowing the fuel to discharge. This design has been well proven for over 30 years. The Bosch disc type uses the same type of actuation mechanism as the pintle type but replaces the pintle with a flat disc and a plate with tiny holes.

These work fine with a good spray pattern but are slightly more prone to deposits plugging the holes. The Lucas type buries the disc up inside the body to reduce the mass of the assembly for quicker response.

The Lucas types typically have a very narrow spray pattern which can affect idle and throttle response in some cases. These use a ball and socket arrangement. These have excellent atomization and a wide spray pattern but are also prone to partial plugging by varnish deposits.

For the majority of injectors, there are two types of electrical connections.

subaru injector size chart

The D-Jetronic type used from to or so on Bosch injectors in which the plug fits internally into the injector and the L-Jetronic type in which the plug fits over the injector offreing a waterproof seal.

Most injectors of all brands built after use the later type. Unfortunately, several Japanese manufactuers, notably Subaru and Toyota decided to make their own style connectors in the late '80s. These use an oval shaped plug. The D-Jet type will fit most types but is not waterproof. Fuel transfer from the fuel rails was done with barb fittings and hose on early injectors as shown on the left above or small or large O-rings as shown above on the right. The later type uses a rigid fuel rail to hold the injectors down to the manifold as well as seal to the O-rings.

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Sealing injectors to the intake manifold usually involves one of two methods. Older type injectors used a square section O-ring slid over the pintle cap to sit against the steel injector body. Newer injectors use a 14mm round section O-ring sitting in an isolated groove. These are not compatible with other types.

subaru injector size chart

Most OE injectors are quite small because stock power outputs are usually quite low on production engines and metering is more precise with small injectors for better idle and emissions. For performance applications, engines often require much larger injectors to satisfy the increase in fuel flow.

Often larger OE injectors can be fitted from a different engine. Sometimes aftermarket ones must be used. MSD makes 50, 72 and 96 lb. It is essential that you have injectors large enough to feed your engine at maximum power.

Most OE systems maintain a fuel pressure of between 36 and Fuel pressure can be raised to increase the rate of fuel flow but this should not exceed 60 psi in most cases.In Subaru Legacy introduced EJ20 engine which later became the basic for the whole brand. It was the first representative of the legendary EJ series. This 2-liter motor replaced 1.

Denso Fuel Injector specifications

EJ20 engine has aluminum flat-four cylinder block, with cast-iron dry sleeves. Its cylinder block deck height is mm. Inside of it crankshaft with a piston stroke of 75 mm is installed, connecting rods length is On the block two aluminum heads are installed, one camshaft on each and 4 valves on the cylinder.

Diameter of intake valves is 36 mm, exhaust valves is 32 mm, valve stem diameter is 6 mm. Camshafts are set in motion with the help of timing belt. The recommended interval of replacement of timing belt for EJ20 is for each 60, miles of mileagekm. It showed the power HP at 5, rpm, and torque Nm at 4, rpm.

Power of Legacy 2 and Subaru Impreza of the 1st generation was increased to horsepower. Their power is HP at 6, rpm. Also EJ and EJ used the new intake manifold which is good at low and mid rpm.

Such motors show HP at 5, rpm. Specially for Legacy BLEJ engine was improved: it uses lightweight cylinder block with lightweight sleeves, modified intake manifold and headers. These improvements allowed to increase power to HP at 5, rpm, and the torque increased up to Nm at 4, rpm. EJ motor differs in use of MAF-sensor and electronic throttle body.

subaru injector size chart

Power of EJ engine is HP. EJ20 motors gained great popularity due to their turbocharged versions. Turbocharged EJ20G was the first such engine. The capacity of the EJ20G stock fuel injectors is cc.How to identify whether your injectors are Fuel Injector Clinic injectors.

We know many people have bought or are looking into buying our product either used or new. We thought we would put up some info to help our customers identify whether or not they have Fuel Injector Clinic fuel injectors.

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The most obvious way to tell that they are Fuel Injector Clinic injectors is to look for one of our stickers or laser engraving on the product. The older stickers 4 years and older have a silver background. The newer stickers have a dark blue background. Newer injector will feature laser engraving in place of stickers. Another way is to look for our initials scribed FIC or laser engraved on the injectors.

You will find the FIC initials scribed on the side opposite the electrical plug for a low-z injector and on the same side as the electrical plug for a high-z injector. Click to enlarge. The last way is to look for a Dark Blue adapter. This way will only work for the newer generation of injectors that require adapters to fit in most applications.

Again if the adapters are not dark blue but a light blue and do not have a FIC sticker on them, they are not our product.

This guideline can help in determining what injector size to use.

So now that you know whether you have Fuel Injector Clinic injectors or not how do you tell what vehicle they are for and what flow size they are? The first three digits identify what vehicle they are for.

So would be cc per minute. How do you know if they have our Data Match Technology matching? If your injectors have Data Match Technology matching they will have an alpha numeric serial number on them AA On high impedance injectors i.

You may have to pull off the bottom adapter to see it. On low impedance injectors i. The main benefit to Data Match Technology is that your injectors are not only match precisely in flow rate but that they are also match by latency.

FIJ0020 / FBJC100

A added benefit of this is that we keep a database of all the injectors flowed, meaning if you bought a set used and you have the serial numbers, we can reproduce the original data sheet with the slope flows and individual latency data for that set. Lastly if you are ever in doubt about a set of injectors you can always contact us with a picture and we would be glad to look at it and help you identify that they are Fuel Injector Clinic Injectors.

A peak and hold signal is a complex signal used to operate a low impedance injector. Peak and hold signals have two parts: a high initial current used to quickly open the injector and a low secondary current that is sufficient to hold the injector open until the end of the pulse. The low secondary current allows the injector to close more quickly since it takes less time for the weaker electrical field to collapse.

How to Choose The Right Fuel Injectors

A saturated signal is a simple signal used to operate high impedance injectors. A single intensity signal is sent to a fuel injector which causes the valve to open and remain open until the signal has ended. This means that low impedance injectors are no longer the peak of performance when considering fuel injectors.