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Csn you use regular fuse instead of mini full

Csn you use regular fuse instead of mini full

Best Dash Cams of Comparison Tool. Forums Search forums New posts. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Contact Us. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Search forums. New posts. Log in. Install the app. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Can a Low-profile mini fuse be replaced by a mini fuse?

OmoP Member. Is there any caveat to replacing a low-profile fuse with a mini blade one when trying to hardwire a dash cam using an "add-a-circuit"? I was looking to buy a small batch amount of "add-a-circuit" for future installs Ralph2 Well-Known Member.

The legs of different physical sized fuses will not fit. That said. Ralph2 said:. Last edited: Dec 28, Hillbilly Well-Known Member. Type A is the one that will fit in an addafuse socket. Hillbilly said:. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads current Ddpai mini3c, change to something better??? General Dash Cam Discussion. Jul 18, Jan 31, Low profile flat mount, dedicated dashcamera DVR Jun 20, Low profile flat mount dashcamera Gimli Low profile flat mount Original GM dash camera p H.

Sep 22, Yes, but only use them if absolutely necessary and I would never install more than one set of min-breakers in a service panel.

Otherwise you can overload the panel. Moulded breakers or shunt trip breakers - selection is defined by the current rating requirement. A mini spatula is very useful in situations where a regular sized spatula is too cumbersome. For example, you can use a mini spatula to get down into a mayo jar and use every bit!

Also, even when working with a large spatula, a mini can be helpful to get the bits that the large one misses. Powdered sugar and regular sugar are actually the same thing. So yes, you can use powdered sugar instead of regular sugar! To make a cup of tea you can use regular or dry it doesnt matter.

To replace breakers in an electrical box it is extremely important the replace the breaker with the same wattage. Do not replace a breaker with a 20 breaker is can cause damage. Because circuit breakers can be reset and they also stop overloads and short circuit faults :.

You shouldn't use newspaper because the ink is sometimes toxic. You can buy a mini laptop to use for school, but only if you can personally handle it. Otherwise, you'd be better off buying a regular sized one, as it has more space. Someone might want to use an electric candle instead of a regular candle to reduce the risk of fire hazards. Also an electric candle will last far longer and not have to be replaced like regular candles. Regular gasoline does not burn nearly fast enough for use in space vehicles.

Yes, most home applications use plug in breakers. Bolt in breakers are more expensive and are usually reserved for industrial and commercial use in distribution panels. Caster sugar has finer granules than regular or "granulated" sugar.Discussion in ' The Garage ' started by XplorrOct 11, Log in or Join.

Adventure Rider. ATO fuses: mini vs. XplorrOct 11, Joined: Jul 8, Oddometer: Location: Montucky. I just got an ATO fuse kit to relace the glass fuses on my bike. While I was at it I figured I would add the accessory fuse kit.

Both use ATO fuses but one is regular and the other is mini. The mini's fit in the regular slots, but obviously not the other way around. In the spirit of not having different kinds of ATO fuses, could I use mini all the way around of the proper amp of course. Seems like it should work, I figured I would check. Any thoughts?

MotorileyOct 12, Can't see why it would make any difference as long as the minis really fit properly and they are making full contact. Are you sure the whole pin is making contact? XplorrOct 12, The pins are the same length, just narrower on the minis. I can't imagine what the difference would be, but the guy at napa seems to think it might work at first but not as permanent solution.

He couldn't elaborate though. Carrying 2 set of fuses isn't a big deal; it just seems cleaner to have all fuses the same. Electrical gurus? Joined: Sep 11, Oddometer: 76, Location: Chicago-ish.

Fuses - Solar Safety Part 1 - 12v Solar Shed

ADV Sponsors. I can't imagine that he surface area would be a big issue unless you're running a high amp fuse.

csn you use regular fuse instead of mini full

Thanks for the feedback. I'm sure that there are different sizes of fuses for a reason. That said, I figured some engineer type might know the specifics. I'm just curious. Someone else said "you could but you probably shouldn't" which is its own siren song You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. No, but I wanna be. My password: Forgot your password?Tags: ElectricalAutomotiveFuse. Customer Service. Company Info. News Room.

Slow-Blow Fuse vs Fast-Blow Fuse

Stay Connected. Looking for a Knowledgeable Partner? Despite its small size, an auto fuse is a critical component in your vehicle, protecting the valuable and delicate electronics in the event of a sudden electrical surge. Fuses are designed to melt if exposed to an overcurrent—interrupting the circuit before it causes more significant damage—but they are generally easy and inexpensive to replace.

A fuse is composed of a housing, fuse element and contacts, and they vary in size and configuration.

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They come in either blade or cartridge-style. They are interchangeable, provided the amperage rating is the same, with one major difference. The O in ATO refers to the open housing space between the blades that exposes the fusible element.

The C in ATC stands for closed housing, which protects the fusible element from moisture and other factors that can cause corrosion or damage. Available in amperage ratings of 1A to 40A Transparent housing for easy identification of blown fuse Used in automotive, watercraft and low-voltage applications maximum 30 volts.

This allows you to use more fuses in the same amount of space. For newer vehicles, these fuses protect the additional circuits and onboard electronics without adding bulk. Available in amperage ratings of 2A to 30A Transparent housing for easy identification of blown fuse Silver-plated terminals for superior conductivity. They are a blade-type fuse designed to replace fusible links or fusible wire.

The fuse link is completely enclosed to help protect against moisture and other corrosive or damaging elements. Available in amperage ratings up to 80A Transparent housing for easy identification of blown fuse Interrupting rating: A 58 DC. The JCase Low Profile fuse has a lower profile and shorter male blade terminals but performs the same as a standard JCase. They are designed to withstand higher temperatures for longer periods of time and are made for higher amperage circuits, such as alternators and starters.

The cartridges can be male or female; the male terminal fuses have either bent or straight contacts that can be bolted down. FMM Fuses are small female Maxi cartridge fuses that save space in vehicle fuse boxes. They offer protection for high current circuits. Blo-N-Glo Fuses Another option is the Blo-N-Glo fusewhich features a built-in light that glows when the fuse is blown, saving you the time of removing and checking every fuse to find the problem.

To ensure your shop always has the fuses you need. Have a Question For Us? Comment Here:.

csn you use regular fuse instead of mini full

Recent Posts. Subscribe to the Kimball Midwest Blog! News Room Blog.Automotive fuses are the gatekeepers and bodyguards of the automotive electronics world. Whenever a sudden short or surge threatens any of the delicate electronics found in modern cars and trucks, a fuse stands ready to valiantly throw itself into the field of fire. In doing so, the fuse takes a figurative bullet for some more valuable, complex, or indispensable component or device, like a car stereo or amplifier.

This often results in some temporary loss of functionality, but fuses are cheap and usually easy to replace, and any underlying problem will typically be revealed by repeated failures of a fuse on the same circuit.

Fusible links, while different in design, are identical in purpose and functionality. There are many different types of fuses, but most modern cars and trucks use one or more of the following types of bladed fuses, in descending order of size:. There are multiple sizes and configurations of blade fuses today, but they all bear a physical resemblance to the original ATO fuses, and many applications still use standard ATO and ATC fuses.

The differences between these various types of blade fuses are primarily size and number of terminals, although physically larger fuses are usually used in higher current applications. Glass tube fuses consist of a glass tube, capped by metal terminals, and with a metal strip passing through the center. Bosch type fuses are also roughly cylindrical, but they are made of a solid ceramic material with a metal strip on the surface.

Since automotive fuses are differentiated both by design type and current rating, all fuses most emphatically are not the same. Although it is definitely possible to replace any ATO fuse with any other ATO fuse, doing so can be extremely dangerous if the wrong amperage fuse is substituted.

Similarly, it is sometimes physically possible to replace a Bosch type fuse with an American-style glass tube type, but sticking to the same amperage rating is imperative, and a flat-capped glass tube fuse will typically not fit well into a fuse holder designed for conical end caps.

There are six types of blade fuses that you may run into when you pop open the fuse box on a modern car or truck: micro2, micro3, low-profile mini, mini, regular and maxi.

For all blade fuses, the housing may be opaque or clear.

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When the housing is clear, it's usually easy to tell whether the fuse is bad, since the winding metal strip that connects the two terminals is easily visible. If the strip is broken, that means the fuse has blown. Micro2 fuses are the smallest type of blade fuse, and they are easily identifiable by the fact that they are so much taller than they are wide. In terms of size, low-profile mini fuses and regular mini fuses share the same body height and width, but the spade terminals of low-profile mini fuses barely extend past the bottom of the body.

Micro3 fuses are larger than Micro2, low-profile, or mini fuses, but they are most easily identifiable by the fact that they utilize three spade terminals. Every other type of blade fuse only uses two terminals. They also include two fuse elementswhich allows a single fuse to effectively handle two circuits. Although many applications started to replace ATO and ATC fuses with mini fuses in the s, they are still widespread.

These fuses are wider than they are tall, and they come in two main types.

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The largest type of blade-style fuse is the maxi fuse. These are significantly larger than any other type of blade or spade automotive fuse, and they are typically used for higher current applications.

Although fuses can blow under normal operating conditions, due to age and wear, a blown fuse often indicates a deeper problem. So if you replace a blown fuse with another fuse with a higher amperage rating, you may prevent the fuse from blowing again immediately, but you also risk damaging some other electrical component, or even starting a fire.

ATO fuses: mini vs. regular

There are three different ways to tell the amperage of a blade-type fuse. The first is to look at the top of the fuse, where you will find the amperage rating printed on or stamped into the plastic. If the rating has worn off, you can also look at the color of the fuse body or check the fuse diagram to see what type of fuse belongs in that particular slot. Colors and physical dimensions for blade type fuses are laid out in DINand not all colors or amperage ratings are available in all sizes.

While color-coding is standard almost across the board for different types of automotive blade fuses, two notable exceptions are 25 A and 35 A maxi fuses. These fuses are gray and brown, respectively, which are colors that are also used for lower amperage fuses. However, maxi fuses are not available in 2 A or 7. Fusible links perform the same basic function as fuses, but they go about it in a slightly different way.

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In automotive applications, a fusible link is a length of wire that is several gauges thinner than the wire that it is designed to protect.

When all goes well, this results in the fusible link failing, and breaking the circuit, before the protected wiring can fail. In addition to simply being thinner than the rest of the wire in a circuit, fusible links are also encased in special materials that are designed to not catch on fire when exposed to high temperatures.There are various types of fuses : a slow-blow fuse, a fast-blow fuse, and a two-blade mini fuse.

Otherwise, you will eventually damage electronic equipment by installing an improper fuse. Therefore, it is always recommended that you install the same type of fuse originally used for a particular electronic circuit to prevent problems. Follow this guide to better understand the differences and common usages that exist between a slow-blow fuse and a fast-blow fuse.

A slow-blow fuse is defined as a fuse that can tolerate high levels of voltage for a short period without shorting itself. On the contrary, a fast- or quick blow fuse is a fuse that bursts instantly when high power voltage is passed through it. This fuse is the common fuse we find in much everyday electronic equipment. A slow-blow fuse is normally used in the motor industry because when you start an engine, at that moment, a high current of electricity is passed through the electronic circuit.

Hence, the fuses could be blown. By using a slow-blow fuse, you bypass this problem because, as mentioned before, the slow blow fuses withstands that sudden high current flowing from the circuit, enabling the motor to start.

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Therefore, a slow-blow fuse is ideal in such circumstances. By contrast, a fast-blow fuse is used in home appliances. Home appliances are sensitive to changes in the flow of electricity. Therefore, you need a prompt reaction to counter this problem, and this is where a fast-blow fuse comes in handy. The fast-blow fuse permits the home appliance to survive by instantly shorting itself instead of the electronic circuit.

These two kinds of fuses have different characteristics that suit your various electronic circumstances. As mentioned previously, making sure to use the same type of fuse when replacing a faulty fuse is critical to remember. Another important thing to remember is that if you are unable to differentiate between the two fuses, you need to ask for professional help.

Otherwise, you will damage the electronic equipment, and, even more importantly, you could get electrocuted and suffer serious injury. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS.

Car Fuses and Fusible Links Explained

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csn you use regular fuse instead of mini full

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csn you use regular fuse instead of mini full

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